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Twilight Imperium - aide pour le choix des technologies
« le: 31 mars 2011 à 08:37:07 »
J'ai trouvé ce petit texte sur le forum de FFG et je pense qu'il y a plus de bon sens que de conneries dans ce qui est présenté.
Je vous le soumets donc pour :
1. aider certains pour le choix des technos
2. obtenir des commentaires "ouah c'est trop en anglais" dénués d'intérêt ;)
3. militer pour une section <aides de jeu> ou quelque chose du genre parce que je sais jamais ou poster ce genre de trucs

Go for Stasis Capsules early, and then Racial Tech on round 3 or 4. Depending on the board situation, you might reverse those. Stasis helps with the expansion bit, and the racial tech makes aggression really pay off. Mentak is a great race early, so you should be on the offensive right out of the gate. The longer you wait, the more people build fighters, which negates your racial precombat shots. Automated Defense Turrets is good for you as well to have more precombat shots. Do not get more than that - instead build more Cruisers and Destroyers.

Lots of options - depending on your planets either go for War Suns or Type IV Drive. Personally, I don't like Assault Cannons. If you like Dreadnoughts Type IV is a better buy. Ships that move 1 space are in the wrong place a lot of the time. Mobility is important in the late game, when board situations change rapidly and you need to react. Also Type IV makes you get XRD so you can maximize Cybernetics with fighters. If you have lots of resources or good trades, War Suns are always good - you can do well with L1z1x even if you ignore his Dreadnought abilities.

XRD Transporters and Automated Defence Turrets. Forget War Suns. Your Destroyers hit like some races' Cruisers! Build all your Destroyers as soon as possible, move out those PDS units in range of your neighbors and then steamroll them with your Carriers with Fighters.

Go for War Suns. You can afford them. The strongest unit in the game, but not everyone can buy them with cash! And because you will have 3 space docks in your home system, by the time you get those Peace Orbs flyin', they'll have a nice escort. Like Mentak, you won't be disappointed by your racial technology if you acquire it early in the game. It pays for itself!

Sarween Tools is often a good buy early, because your Home System is low on resources. Type IV Drive is good target for you, because you get XRD and Neural Motivator (which is good with your Racial Tech) on the way there. Hylar is good as well, because you'll probably be building lots of Cruisers. In any case, because Winnu is very weak early, I wouldn't go crazy on tech in the first 2 rounds.

Stasis Capsules is a good early buy because you start with 2 Cruisers. Stasis is underrated among new players IMO. Especially early in the game it is better than XRD because your GF carrying Cruiser are better at combat than Carriers without fighter support. You are a slow starter, so Sarween Tools will help you catch up. You already fight well with your -1 to opponents (Xxcha is the second best at war after Norr), so you don't have to spend resources on combat techs.

Clearly all you need is Deep Space Cannon and you Racial Tech. And Magmus Reactor is more useful early, because then your second War Sun is cheaper.

XRD, Gen Synthesis and Hyper Metabolism. With those you'll maximize your race's potential: Strong Ground Forces and lots of them! Also, you have a good racial tech, especially if your neighbors have Deep Space Cannons or are building lots of mines.

This is tricky, because your starting fleet is strong but it doesn't go anywhere. I usually get XRD, but consider this: Get Stasis Capsules, you Racial Tech and then invade with 1 GF a planet with 4GF. If you succeed with both conversion rolls, you're fighting 3 against 2! Not going to happen, but man would that be cool :)

Pretty much all is fair game, but check this out: take the Trade Strategy Card in the first round and get 3TG. Then negotiate Technology to be played right away. Take Microtechnogy for free and buy Nanotechnology with 6 (the TGs from Trade and your home planets) resources. Voilá! All the planets you get in the game come to you refreshed!

Literally, ALL YOU NEED IS XRD! Just build a second Space Dock in your Home System and start massing a fleet. You can build 10 units each time you activate your home system. You don't need technology. Just crush your neighbor when you're ready.

I haven't seen the RAW Yssaril played in a while, so I don't know much about them. They are overpowered out-of-the box, so I'm not really sure why they'd need tech. Probably Enviro Compensator because their Home System production capacity is just 4 at start. Then Hylar V, always a good tech. I'd probably leave it at that, because Yssaril can make up for a lot with their 20+ Action Cards.

The production beast of the bunch. Go for Enviro Compensators, Sarween Tools and Racial Tech. Build 3 Docks and 25+ fighters in your Home System, move them out in the second to last round and make hay with that stack! Remember to protect those docks carefully, EXCEPT at the end of the game! You don't need to build units after the game is over, after all.

You always dream of Advanced Fighters, but let's face it: that tech is so deep in the tech tree that it's a lot smarter just to build units. Get Sarween early (and double dock your Home System!), then XRD and Cybernetics. You then have a nice fleet that packs a bunch. Your racial tech isn't too bad either.
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Re : Twilight Imperium - aide pour le choix des technologies
« Réponse #1 le: 31 mars 2011 à 10:22:22 »
Je n'ai pas encore lu mais je milite pour la section <aides de jeu> :

Dé qui roule fait se rogner les pouces